When it comes to managing incidents, every second counts

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Stem incident ripple effects with a proactive approach to observability

Your users only care about the quality of their digital experience, but you have to care how it's produced and delivered. As a result, businesses are turning to the cloud to deliver better digital experiences at speed. However, this increased centralization means that when those services go down, outages have a larger impact.

What sets Catchpoint apart is our commitment to decoupling the world's largest global observability network from the hosting cloud providers. What this means is an unprecedented ability to continue to proactively detect, identify, fix and validate issues even when those clouds go down.

Deliver reliable, resilient digital experiences

The result of hyper-distributed service production and delivery has introduced a chain of third-party dependencies, monitoring blind spots and an overall loss of control for IT teams. To address these problems, monitoring strategists need the ability to reduce the frequency, duration and end user impact of incidents.

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Reachability is the new availability

Determine reachability for all your sites and services 24x7x365 - since a highly performant cloud application at the source means nothing if the experience can't reach its users.

Troubleshoot across the Internet Stack

Identify and observe all the third-party systems that lie between your service and the user from an independent perspective to avoid blind spots and catch issues at the source.

Understand the impact on total experience

Establish baselines for how things look on an ongoing basis for your customer base and employees, so you can compare and identify behavior changes following outages.

Get the full picture in a single pane of glass

Rely on active observers to help manage the incident and cross-analyze with real user observers to know if you have diverted the impact of the disruption.

Transform your Incident Management: proactively prevent downtime

Discover how to deliver seamless digital experiences, manage third-party dependencies, and gain a competitive edge with actionable insights.

Gain the advantage with actionable intelligence

Shift from a contextual, event-based alerting to faster time to action with intelligent alerts, high fidelity data and extensive drill-down capabilities.

Get ahead of the issue

Set advanced alerts with dynamic thresholds such as trend shifts and baseline deviations to rapidly identify failing components, and ensure you detect issues as early as possible.

Detect network issues comprehensively

Identifier et résoudre les problèmes, de manière proactive, sur les réseaux publics et privés et les couches applicatives, afin de permettre aux équipes informatiques d'identifier les causes profondes et de procéder à un triage rapide.

Access unparalleled data granularity

Focus your incident management activities by drawing on extensive test types, collecting comprehensive telemetry from initial DNS resolution to client presentation.

Explore with standard or custom visualizations

Delve into your data with AI-powered smartboards, out-of-the-box dashboards or user-defined custom visuals to answer questions about the "why".

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Ensure fast, clear communication during and after outages

Communication during an outage is critical. Whether with your internal teams to diagnose and determine the most effective triage path, or with your direct customers and beyond to clearly articulate what's happening - with meaningful, neutral data to back it up.

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Send data to where you need data

Accelerate troubleshooting by integrating Catchpoint workflows, alerts and benchmarks, with your larger ecosystem to achieve 360° visibility inside and outside your firewall.

Share telemetry with key stakeholders

Share data securely and easily among your internal teams and if appropriate, with vendors to help them confirm and fix the cause of the issue, as quickly as possible.

Gérer les relations avec les fournisseurs

Ensure vendors at fault have taken necessary, corrective action to prevent similar problems in the future, and consider whether to switch or use multiple vendors to reduce your exposure.

Dispatch communications with integrity

Reassure your customers, partners and investors during each stage of the incident with regular, transparent updates backed by trustworthy data.

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