Create great first impressions with high DNS performance

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DNS issue resolution should be simple

First impressions are everything - how quickly your DNS resolves for a user is their introduction to your brand. Tracing DNS issues back to the correct resolution level is usually a headache, but with Catchpoint, you can quickly determine whether your DNS is at fault, and at what level in the resolution chain the problem occurred.

View the most granular DNS
service data possible

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Use extensive resolution data

Pinpoint issues anywhere in your DNS hierarchy, regardless of the resolution level.

Access agentless monitoring

Gain instant access to DNS response times and network-level metrics - all without installing any agents.

Understand frequency and schedules

Capitalize on our 1000+ global nodes and match frequencies per region by business/monitoring use case.

Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Ensure the integrity of your DNS
and prevent attacks

Ensure service integrity

Get instantly alerted whenever a record resolves to an unexpected address.

Accurately measure network performance

Capture latency, packet loss, and round-trip times to and from your DNS infrastructure.

Benchmark provider performance

Compare performance of private, public, or internal DNS systems, even in multi-DNS implementations.

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DNS observability couldn’t get
any easier

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Resolve names as users do

Maximize your DNS resolvability for users, supported by worldwide providers at any location.

Access limitless integrations

Use APIs, widgets, and dashboards to view data how and where you want.

Handle incidents in real time

Catch incidents before they propagate across the DNS network and impact your entire user base.

Matthew White

SRE Manager

We used Catchpoint's real-time measurements to pinpoint and resolve Google Public DNS latency. Instead of a long process, we were able to turn around the problem in just minutes.
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