Optimisation des performances du Web

Competitive businesses need fast websites

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Deliver fantastic brand experiences and convert more users by continuously optimizing your websites

Users expect nothing but the best. Slow navigation through eCommerce flows, lagging or janky loading animations, and poor mobile device performance all lead to a drop in user retention and revenue.

WebPageTest on Catchpoint allows your organization to continuously leverage the gold standard for website performance insights to monitor, test, and deliver fantastic website experiences for users with any type of device, browser, network, or location.

Truly comprehensive tools for modern web performance

No other tool comes close – WebPageTest gives your team access to everything they need to rapidly find and implement performance improvements.

Rapidly improve web performance

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product ui screenshot

Metrics you can trust

Trusted by industry titans to validate their own telemetry, WebPageTest has earned its reputation as the gold standard for performance testing thanks to its incredibly accurate synthetic browser testing methods.

Comprehensive waterfall charts

Get instant access to the most powerful and widely documented waterfall charts to identify even the most complex of performance issues. Uncover HTML, JS, CSS, image, DOM, and third party load requests with unparalleled detail.

Accurate, sharable filmstrips

See how your website will load in the real world on a wide variety of devices, networks, and browsers (not just Chrome!) and understand how code changes can impact web performance.

Fix issues before they hit production

Seamlessly shift left

Get access to the WebPageTest API and seamlessly integrate website performance into your CI/CD environment by making webperf an essential part of your development workflow.

Streamlined prototyping

Automatically discover and test common performance improvements without writing or deploying a single line of code. Evaluate potential performance optimizations in minutes, not months.

And much more

Third-party request maps, custom metrics, Lighthouse scores, custom and automated scripting, and much more are available within each and every WebPageTest result.

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