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Why website performance matters

Continuous and proactive website monitoring plays a significant role in building and maintaining reliable, fast websites. Without accurate performance monitoring tools or deep-dive capabilities to identify root causes, it’s incredibly easy to let small slowdowns add up over time.

Catchpoint’s Website Performance Monitoring is powered by the industry gold standard of web performance testing, WebPageTest, to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive performance tracking tools available today.

Test your website performance!

Test and optimize your website performance for lightning-fast speed with WebPageTest - the gold standard in web performance testing.

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What gets monitored gets improved

Website Performance is increasingly important for search engine performance – the number one factor in driving new users to your websites. Get ahead of the SEO curve by continuously monitoring all your websites’ Core Web Vitals to eliminate unwanted slowdowns.

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Cross-browser synthetic testing

Paint a comprehensive picture of your user base by testing from diverse browsers, viewports, and network speeds using WebPageTest's synthetic browser testing. Monitor and compare key performance metrics across locations, devices, and browsers, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making based on historical data.

Leverage RUM to paint a precise picture of your user base

Utilize Real User Monitoring to gain precise insights into real user behavior, interactions, and experiences on your website. Understand how actual users navigate your site, optimize Interaction to Next Paint (INP) and other Core Web Vitals to enhance overall performance.

Comprehensive, accurate monitoring

Developed and maintained in open source by pioneers of the WebPerf industry, WebPageTest sets up your team with the most accurate performance monitoring available. Monitor from the most important markets to your business with the largest active monitoring network in the world.

Guy Kobrinsky

VP Cloud Platform

Our business depends on the trust between us and our publisher and advertiser partners. We want to be proactive and fast about resolving issues, and monitoring with Catchpoint is one of the key ways we can do that.

Easily identify and fix any web performance issues before they impact revenue

Eliminate website performance bottlenecks for seamless user experience with Catchpoint's proactive web performance monitoring and AI-powered dashboards.

Automated website testing for continuous performance monitoring

Track performance over time with automated website testing. Schedule tests with varied parameters and stay ahead of issues with real-time performance alerts.

Enhance web perf monitoring with AI-powered smartboards & dashboards

Leverage Catchpoint’s actionable dashboards, AI-powered smartboards, and built-in visualizations to track your website’s performance trends and debug any web perf issues in a single place.

Comprehensive developer tooling

Monitor, identify, and remediate issues within a single pane of glass by having instant access to all of WebPageTest’s gold standard developer tools. Leverage 60fps filmstrips, ultra-detailed waterfall charts, party request maps, and more to rapidly find, test, and fix performance issues.

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5 Steps to Improve Website Performance cover image

5 steps to improve website performance

Guide to understanding performance, addressing bottlenecks, implementing continuous monitoring, and building a performance-first culture.

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