Deliver a great experience regardless of who hosts your desktops

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When desktops are separate from users, their experience is more important than ever

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has seen exponential growth over the last couple of years with the need to quickly provide a hybrid workforce with access to secure, persistent desktops from any location. Use cases range from easy assignment and removal of contractor desktops to developers and engineers needing DaaS to store and access proprietary designs and code.

However, DaaS doesn't come without its challenges, such as visibility across varied work locations and a greater strain on the network and its underlying infrastructure. Catchpoint uniquely provides actionable insight into user experience of your DaaS environments, regardless of user location.

Invest in observability that provides the end user perspective

Irrespective of BYOD or corporate-issued hardware, the end user experience needs to be excellent. Catchpoint provides intelligent observability from a unique depth and breadth of vantage points, so you can understand digital experience of the DaaS/VDI environment from the end user point of view.

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Confidently select your vendor

Baseline performance to compare vendor offerings on the basis of availability and performance in your geographies of interest.

Manage DaaS deployment

Confidently isolate performance issues during rollout to pinpoint whether it lies with the DaaS vendor, network, or application.

Optimize daily operations for your employees

Gain multi-dimensional insights into network latency, CPU, memory, or critical applications running on your employees' virtual desktops, whether on-premises or remote.

Monitor as an end user

Understand what impacts your end users. Look across every event in the user journey from their point of view to minimize blind spots and assumptions.


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