Enable distributed teams to communicate face to face

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Supporting audio and video conferencing solutions doesn’t have to be difficult

As companies have adapted to remote work, their dependence on collaboration apps has become mission-critical, with Zoom leading the pack. Employees' ability to communicate suffers if cloud-based collaboration services fail to deliver excellent end user experience.

Our independent digital experience observability solution doesn't rely on public cloud infrastructure, meaning you can stay abreast of third-party performance issues and outages with neutral data you can trust.

Enable seamless conversations for every employee

Track and analyze Zoom performance for your distributed workforce, using a holistic approach to observability.

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Observe Zoom performance holistically

Observe employee experiences of Zoom using performance data collected directly from the user device, on site, and the Internet.

Enable preemptive self service

Detect problems-in-progress like WiFi connectivity issues while providing resolutions on-demand, before employees file a ticket.

Detect cloud-based slow time and outages

Learn about Zoom slow time and outages in different geographies before Zoom itself with independent, third-party data.

Monitor remote network infrastructure

Test links, VPNs, gateways, and other security appliances along the critical path, to identify potential bottlenecks and failure points.


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